Property Claims

Independent claim adjusters experienced in every stage of a property loss claim. 

Independent Property Claim Adjusters

Claims sought under a property insurance policy can include a wide range of occurrences and parties. We handle property claims for residential, commercial, and lender-placed policies. Our adjusters appreciate the nuances that can arise in property claims because of the diverse property types that can be at issue. The related damages could be connected to the grounds, overlying structures (e.g., a home), personal property, or other personal injuries.

A skilled claims adjuster can provide a helpful and objective perspective to the process and evaluate property claims for cost-effective resolution. Proper administration for property claims can identify issues in coverage related to causation or the value of the lost property. Our adjusters always engage in proper due diligence and field assessments to value claims with accuracy.

Our Firm’s Property Expertise Extends to Many Events

The claim representatives at our firm have extensive knowledge in all facets of property claim adjustment arising under the following circumstances:

1st Party Property:

3rd Party Property:

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